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先來挑戰一下這些字怎麼說 「叫車App」、「沈重的打擊」、「公司上市上櫃」、「有關當局」、「擤鼻子」


China’s government ordered the country’s leading ride-hailing platform, Didi, removed from app stores for “serious” problems related to the collection and use of customer data.

The country’s internet regulator, the Cyberspace Administration of China, did not explain what problems it had found. It was the latest blow(打擊) for Didi, which went public on the New York Stock Exchange(紐約證券交易所) last week. The administration had issued another surprise announcement on Friday, saying that new user sign-ups would be suspended until the authorities conducted a review.


1. ride-hailing 叫車 例句 形容詞:Do you use a ride-hailing app? 形容詞搭配:ride-hailing service/business/platform 名詞:Smartphone ride-hailing has changed the face of public transport. *補充:hail 是「招呼呼喊」意思。 例句:Shall we hail a taxi? (我們要叫計程車嗎?)

2. blow (風)吹、擤(鼻子)、打擊、炸毀... 例句:Her grandmother's death came as a terrible/severe blow to her. (她奶奶的死亡對她來說是沈重的打擊。) 例句:Don't blow your nose too vigorously. (不要太大力擤鼻子)

例句:A cool breeze was blowing. (涼風徐徐) All of a sudden, her hair blew across her face and she couldn't see.(突然之間,她的頭髮飛起來蓋住她的臉,她什麼都看不見。)=> 看圖作文必備佳句 例句The machine was blown into pieces in the accident. (事故當中機器被炸得粉碎。) *補充:blow one's mind

: to overwhelm one with wonder or bafflement 某事讓你感到相當激動/興奮(不可置信一般)

3. go public 公司上市 4. The authorities 有關當局[五顆星單字] 例題 (109指)While there, he wrote two more manuscripts, but these were never published because it was _30_ by the prison authorities. => 被有關當局禁止,選(D) banned (A) keen (B) breed (C) release (D) banned (E) supportive (F) imprisonment (G) illness (H) separated ( I ) nickname ( J ) effective (K) pleaded (L) privilege (110學)~travel documents were issued by local authorities (106學測/100指/98指/93指/92指...)

5. suspend 暫停終止、懸掛、(勒令)停學、(執照)吊銷... (109學)The country has been troubled by a problem with trains colliding(撞上) with deer on its railways. According to Japan’s transport ministry, there were 613 cases of train services suspended or delayed for at least 30 minutes resulting from collisions(撞擊) with deer and other wild animals in 2016-17.

(97指考)The universe is full of wonders. Throughout history, people have been ______ by the mystery of what lies beyond our planet. (A) notified (B) complicated (C) fascinated (D) suspended The End~

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