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1️⃣ Affect / Effect 影響: Affect (v) ✏️The divorce affected every aspect of his life. (離婚影響了他生活的各個層面。) Effect (n) ✏️Parents worry about the effect of video games on their adolescent's behavior. (父母擔心電玩對青少年行為的影響。)

2️⃣ Advise / Advice 建議: Advise (v) ✏️Her doctor advised her against smoking. (她的醫生建議她不要吸煙。) Advice (n) ✏️She always gives me some good advice. (她總是給我一些很好的建議。)

3️⃣ Among / Between 在...之中: ➪差別:Among (在群體之中) / Between (在兩者之間)

✏️I saw a few familiar faces among the crowd. (我在人群中看見了幾張熟悉的面孔。) ✏️She weighs between 55 and 60 kilograms. (她的體重在55到60公斤之間。)

4️⃣ Assure / Ensure / Insure 保證 ➪都是保證但是在很多語境上下文是有差別喔!

❶Assure: 跟請對方相信自己不要擔心的「保證」 ✏️She assured him (that) the car would be ready the next day. (她向他保證說他的車第二天就能修好。) ✏️I assure you that no harm will be done. (我向你保證不會造成任何傷害。)

❷Ensure: 比較像中文的「確保」某事發生 ✏️The airline is taking steps to ensure safety on its aircraft. (航空公司正在採取措施以確保其航班的飛行安全。) ✏️The government has ensured the safety of the refugees. (政府已確保難民的安全。)

❸Insure: 從insurance保險來記憶比較簡單

意思是to protect something/someone against risk 很接近中文「防範未然」及早準備的確保 ✏️We hope that careful planning will insure success. (我們希望周密的計劃將確保成功。)(排除防止一切不好的事情發生) ✏️We insured our house against fire and flood damage. (我們為我們的房子投保了火災和洪水的損失。)

5️⃣ Breathe / Breath 呼吸: Breathe (v) ✏️It's so airless in here - I can hardly breathe. (這裡太悶了—我幾乎不能呼吸。) Breath (n) ✏️Her breath smelled of garlic. (她的嘴裡有大蒜味。)

6️⃣Complement / Compliment Complement➡︎使完善;為…增色 ✏️Strawberries and cream complement each other perfectly. (草莓加鮮奶油相得益彰。) Compliment➡︎恭維話;讚揚話 ✏️I take it as a compliment. (您的恭維我就收下了。)

7️⃣Lay / Lie / Lie Lay➡︎放 (過去式laid) ✏️She laid the baby on the bed. (她把孩子放在床上。)

Lie➡︎躺 (過去式lay [小心不要搞混]) ✏️Lie down! (躺下!) ✏️He lay down on the bed and tried to relax. (他躺在床上想休息一下。)

Lie➡︎說謊 (過去式lied) ✏️He lied. (他說謊。)

8️⃣Loose / Lose Loose (adj) ➡︎ 鬆動的 ✏️There were some loose wires hanging out of the wall. (牆上搭著幾根沒有接好的電線。) Lose (v) ➡︎ 丟失 ✏️He's always losing his keys. (他總是弄丟鑰匙。)

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