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Behind China’s takeover of Hong Kong

A year ago, a national security law unleashed a stampede of actions to bring Hong Kong into political lock step with the Chinese Communist Party: arresting activists, seizing assets, firing government workers, detaining newspaper editors and rewriting school curriculums.

While the clampdown seemed to arrive with startling speed, it was the culmination of yearslong efforts by Beijing, The Times reports, a process that began with a single phrase in a dry policy paper: Beijing, the document declared, would wieldcomprehensive jurisdiction” over the territory.

Interviews with insiders and advisers, as well as speeches and policy papers, show that Chinese officials took action because of growing alarm over protests in Hong Kong; impatience with wavering among the city’s pro-Beijing ruling elite; and their growing conviction that Hong Kong had become a haven for Western-backed subversion.

1. 寫作技巧:平行結構

Q平行結構是什麼? A讓寫作精簡,讓讀者聚焦,讓文意清晰容易記憶。 劍橋字典的定義:The use of matching sentence structure, phrases or longer parts so as to balance ideas of equal importance

*Be sure all of your sentences have parallel construction. 知名大學如哈佛大學的寫作中心以及很多學術寫作指導都會特別強調「平行結構」的運用。 如本篇週報的例句: "arresting activists, seizing assets, firing government workers, detaining newspaper editors and rewriting school curriculums" 把Ving一系列排開做平行對照,“arresting逮捕倡議份子, seizing凍結資產, firing開除政府雇員, detaining拘押新聞編輯 and rewriting再製學校課綱”不僅把所有相關事件完整交代清楚,同時閱讀起來又有節奏韻律感,幫助閱讀,加深印象。

2. 學測指考單字/題目參考:

  1. Declare: (104學/ 106指) 題目:To teach children right from wrong, some parents will ______ their children when they behave well and punish them when they misbehave. (A) settle (B) declare (C) reward (D) neglect 單字解析:declare => express 聲明/宣布/公布 例句:~declare their support for something (表態支持) 例句:~declare themselves to be bankrupt(宣告破產) 例句:~"I'll never give up, " she declared. (她堅定的說) 學習提點 單字記憶不能僵化直翻,必須要從多樣例句當中「回頭想中文語意」,這樣才能深入了解雙語之間的差異,才能實際在口說寫作當中運用自如,也能避免中式英文的問題。

  2. Wield: (100指) That year two shotgun-wielding students, both of whom had been identified as gifted and who had been bullied for years, killed 13 people, wounded 24 and then committed suicide. 單字解析:wield (抓握武器工具等)揮舞 例句:The shop owner was confronted by a man wielding a knife. (店家被一名持刀男子威脅) 延伸學習 *Wield influence/power 施展影響力 例句:The former president still wields enormous influence in politics. (前總統在政治上仍然發揮其相當的影響力)

  3. Conviction: (107指/105指) Instead of criticizing other people, we should focus on their strengths and give them ______. (A) compliments (B) compromises (C) convictions (D) confessions 單字解析:conviction (1. crime 定罪 2. a strong opinion/belief 信念)

  4. Alarm (97學/ 99指 105 指 / 106 學 / 109 指) John’s clock is not functioning _____. The alarm rings even when it’s not set to go off. (A) tenderly (B) properly (C) solidly (D) favorably 單字解析:alarm (1. warning 警報 2. worry 擔憂 3. 鬧鈴/警報器 4. (v)讓人擔心) 例句:~false alarm (虛驚一場) 例句:~set the alarm to wake me at seven (設定鬧鐘七點叫醒我) 例句:~The alarm went off while he was cooking .(他煮飯的時候警報器響了) 例句:~His strange behavior alarmed us.(他怪異行徑讓我們警覺了一下) 單字解析:alarming (adj)使人驚恐的,引起恐慌的;令人擔憂的 例句:These pollution levels were not the only alarming aspect of the discovery.

  5. Comprehensive (100指) 單字解析:comprehensive (complete and include everything 包羅萬象全面的) 例句:They offer comprehensive training programs. (詳盡齊全的訓練) 例句:Japan and China have even less comprehensive data than America.

  6. Comprehend (91指/103指) 單字解析:comprehend (understand 充分了解/領悟) 例句:~begins to comprehend the price he has paid for victory. 例句:~They may or may not comprehend the standards for normal behavior in their culture.

  7. Comprehensible (109指) As last year’s MVP (Most Valuable Player), Joan is ______ to the basketball team. No other player can replace her. (A) indispensable (B) comprehensible (C) affordable (D) permissible 單字解析:comprehensible (able to understand)

  8. Arrest (91指/92 指 / 101 指 / 97學 / 102 學) Amy did not _____ changes in the course schedule and therefore missed the class. (A) arrest (B) alarm (C) notice (D) delay 延伸學習 ~something arrested my attention 某事吸引我的注意力。

  9. Seize (102 學 / 109學) 單字解析:seize (1. 抓住 2. 奪取 3.沒收查獲) 例句:~seize the chance/opportunity (抓住機會逮住時機) 例句:~seize power (攫取權力) 例句:~During World War II, Japan seized much of Southeast Asia’s rubber.

  10. culminate (107指) 單字解析:culminate in/with something 以…告終;達到…的頂點 例句:Her campaign culminated with a victory. (以勝利劃下句點)

3. 本篇閱讀素材直得收藏單字: 1. haven 港灣/避風港/和平之地 美國地名New Haven就是這個字。 2. unleash (突然地)釋放/爆發 *leash 是韁繩繩索,un-leash 鬆開韁繩意思為某狀況突然被釋放,爆發。 例句:~war could be unleashed(戰爭可能會爆發) 3. Stampede [n][v] (尤指獸群或人群因恐懼引發的)狂奔;奔逃,蜂擁

Two shoppers were injured in the stampede as shop doors opened. 延伸學習:非常適合看圖作文的圖片,描述萬人空巷蜂擁而至的場面。

4. In lockstep with *lockstep 行軍步伐=> 意思為緊密一致

5. startling: surprising and sometimes worrying 驚人的震驚的

例句:His voice startled her.(他的聲音嚇到她)


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