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「創下紀錄的」、「歷久彌新的」、「訴諸...手段方法」「創新高/創新低」、「萬不得已必須採取...手段」、「促發」 閱讀以下段落,注意紅色字體

Search and rescue underway after Japan mudslide(土石流)

Officials(官方官員) in the Japanese resort town of Atami(熱海) on Monday were still trying to locate more than 80 people after record-setting rains had brought a mudslide crashing through a residential area over the weekend.

Four victims have been declared(宣告) dead, and the authorities(有關當局) are trying to determine whether the dozens who remained missing were caught up in(捲入) the disaster. They are considering releasing a list of names.

It came after more than a foot and a half of rain poured down on Atami, prompting the landslide, which destroyed more than 100 homes. Over a 72-hour period, the town was hit with 170 percent of the area’s average rainfall for July

The authorities(有關當局) in the hot spring resort town, near Mount Fuji, had warned residents but had not ordered a broad evacuation(撤離). The area is on high alert, with more heavy rain in the forecast this week. Global warming has led to(導致) an uptick(上升) in rain and flooding in Japan. Dozens of cities and towns around Tokyo have hit new rainfall records in recent days.


1. underway 正在進行的;正在發生的 例句

If something is underway, it is happening now.

Economic recovery is underway.(經濟已開始復甦了。)

2. record-setting 創下紀錄的 類似用法:[hit an all time high]

類似用法:[hit a record high]

如果是創新「低」就是hit a record low 例句

The company's profits hit an all-time high this year.

3. mudslide 土石流 (103指)Concerned about mudslides, the local government quickly ______ the villagers from their homes before the typhoon hit the mountain area. (A) evacuated (B) suffocated (C) humiliated (D) accommodated

4. resort (N1) 渡假地 例句:The hot spring park is a thriving holiday resort .

5. resort (N2) 最後(萬不得已)必須要採取的手段 例句:Foggers, or bug bombs, should really be a measure of last resort.

6. resort to sth (V.) 最後(萬不得已)必須要採取的手段

例句 They had to resort to violence to stop escalating attacks.(為了阻止不段升溫的攻擊,他們萬不得已採取暴力的手段。)

7. Remain + Adj:保持Adj這個狀態。[五顆星單字] 例句:He remained silent.(他保持沈默。) 8. Remain + N 例句 It remains a secret. (這仍然是個秘密。)

9. Remains (名詞) 殘骸 例句

The remains of the ancient pottery are well preserved.(古代陶器的殘骸被妥善保存)

10. Remainder 殘餘物

11. Prompt (V) 促使什麼事情發生 例句

What prompted you to say that?(是甚麼促使你那麼說的?)

12. Prompt (Adj) 例句 Thank you for your prompt reply. 13. Alert (N) 警報器、警鈴、警示 例句

They sounded the alert.(他們啟動警報器) 14. Alert (Adj) 感到警覺的 例句

Parents should be alert to sudden changes in children's behavior.(父母應該對孩子行為的突然變化有所警覺。) 15. Alert (V) 使警覺,使警惕;向…發出警報 例句 An anonymous letter alerted police to the possibility of a terrorist attack at the airport.(人給警方寫了一封匿名信,警告機場可能會受到恐怖襲擊。)




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