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本篇封面故事:1984年的奧林匹克選手村,大受好評的兩個服務點,是無線電站(a ham radio station)跟電玩機(video arcade)。 During the 1984 Olympic Games, CNN went inside the Olympic Village in Los Angeles to see what life was like for the greatest athletes of their day. See how the technology -- and security -- has changed in this video from the CNN archives.

1. Africa’s most populous(人口稠密) city is battling floods and rising seas(上升海平面). It may soon be unlivable(不適人居). 💎Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)Cars and houses submerged in water, commuters(通勤者) wading through buses knee-high in floods, and homeowners counting the cost of destroyed properties(財產). 單字用法解釋 📒submerge 沈入 例句:The submarine(潛水艇) submerged.(潛艇下潛) 📒wade through something 費盡千辛萬苦去做(很乏味或是很辛苦的)事情

2. The amount of Greenland ice that melted on Tuesday could cover Florida in 2 inches of water 💎Greenland is experiencing its most significant melting event of the year as temperatures in the Arctic surge. It's the third instance of extreme melting in the past decade, during which time the melting has stretched farther inland than the entire satellite era, which began in the 1970s. 單字用法解釋 📒experience 動詞:感受、體驗、經歷 📒surge 動詞:激烈上升、徒增 例句:The company's profits have surged. (公司利潤激增) 📒stretch 動詞:延伸、伸展、伸長

3. UK scientists believe it is 'almost certain' a coronavirus variant will emerge that beats current vaccines. 💎Some vaccinated(已打疫苗的人) in the US are out of patience with those refusing the shot.

單字用法解釋 📒emerge 動詞:人出現浮現She emerged from the sea, blue with cold.她浮出了海面,渾身凍得發青; 或是事情為人所知The problems emerged. ; 或是擺脫困境The mayor emerged unscathed from the scandal.(市長安然走出了醜聞風暴) 📒out of patience with something對某事已經失去耐心

4. Why the economy could make or break Biden's presidency 單字用法解釋 📒make-or-break (用-連接成為形容詞)不成則敗的、只能孤注一擲的 例句:A make-or-break situation will bring great success or complete failure.

5. How does a UNESCO World Heritage rating affect a tourist destination? 💎This week, all eyes have been on UNESCO, the France-based body that bestows the ranking of "World Heritage Site" on some of the world's most beautiful, historic and otherwise important places. 單字用法解釋 📒all eyes are on sb/sth:萬眾矚目;備受關注 例句:If all eyes are on someone or something, everyone is watching that person or thing and waiting to see what will happen. 📒bestow:(正式)授與 例句:The George Cross is a decoration that is bestowed upon/on British civilians for acts of great bravery.喬治十字勛章是為了表彰英國平民的英勇行為而頒發的。

6. With over 100 million people suffering from knee pain each year and the costs for treatments constantly rising, these groundbreaking compression knee sleeves couldn't come at a better time(來得正是時候). 單字用法解釋 📒knee sleeves:護膝

7. Heavy rains this weekend threaten drought-stricken West with floods 💎Mudslides, flash flooding, and dust storms -- this is monsoon season in the West. The annual rains can be both a welcome old friend and a bitter enemy. Heavy monsoon rainfall in the region will continue this weekend through the start of the week, bringing with it both life-giving moisture for the parched earth and the threat of more damaging flash flooding. 💎Strong thunderstorms(大暴雷雨) bearing(有) heavy rainfall, lightning(閃電), and gusty winds(狂風) are possible across the region. Although the moisture could help improve drought(乾旱) conditions, the risk of flash flooding(爆洪) is high. 單字用法解釋 📒threaten AwithB:用B來威脅

例句:They threatened the shopkeeper with a gun. 他們用槍威脅店家。 📒flash flooding 因為暴雨釀的洪災、山洪暴發




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