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Freedom Day’ in England 英國「解封」

The country relaxed nearly all restrictions(禁令限制) on Monday, as nightclubs threw open doors and people embraced(擁抱) on crowded dance floors. After 16 months of one of the longest, most stringent(嚴厲的) lockdowns(封鎖) in the world, Britons could have just about any sort of social gathering. But “Freedom Day,” as the long-desired and long-delayed milestone has been labeled in the British media, is fraught(anxious).

The nation is reporting nearly 50,000 new coronavirus cases a day, levels seen near the country’s January peak(高峰). But with more than half the population fully vaccinated(疫苗注射) — and even higher rates among older and more vulnerable people — hospitalizations and deaths are a fraction of (佔一小部分) earlier waves.


1. throw something open 突然打開 例句:She threw open all the windows. 她突然把所有窗戶通通打開

2 fraught 就是anxious的意思 例句:The atmosphere here is kind of fraught. 這裡的氣氛整個有點緊張!

3 a fraction of 佔極小部分 例句:It remains only a tiny fraction of the total number of reported cases. 這只佔了所有案例裡面的極小部分而已。 實用字詞


可以用lift(抬升)這個字,像是台灣當初的解嚴,就可以用"lifting of martial law"(martial law軍法),那疫情當下的封鎖禁令的解除,同理可以用lift the restrictions,這篇紐約時報的briefing用relax也可以,用relax就有「微放寬、鬆綁」的意思,比如說:“The government relaxed restrictions on the number of kids nursery staff can care for at any one time" The Sun (2013)

學測指考強力專區 高頻單字的學測指考考題整理+作文實力養成的方法 教學文直接到雲端觀賞👉

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