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If I + were/Ved, I would/could/might+V.

以下是作者 Jose Jorge Letria 以及畫家 Andre Letria 的作品If I were a book的節錄: (建議你用唸的,會扎實的讓這種句法變成你的語感習慣)

If I were a book, I wouldn't like people reading me because they have to, or because I'm trendy(時髦的新潮的).

If I were a book, I'd ask those who'd find me on the streets to take me along to their home. If I were a book, I'd like that the reader who picked me could become free and wild. If I were a book, I'd share my deepest secrets with my readers.

If I were a book, I'd be an endless journey.

If I were a book, I'd be in any place where I could make someone happy.

If I were a book, I'd would like someone saying: “This book changed my life”.

二。I wish...的用法

I wish (that) I was/were taller.


I wish (that) you were coming with me.



It would be great if I were taller.

It would be totally different if you were coming with me.


三。I suggest/recommend...的用法

同樣是subjunctive mood的文法句型,請看下一篇文章另外解釋。




如果你可以不用擔心預算,隨心所欲的度過一天,你會怎麼過?請寫一篇短文,第一段說明 你會邀請誰和你一起度過這一天?為什麼?第二段描述你會去哪裡?做些什麼事?為什麼?




1. 生活開銷的預算拿捏:budget (名詞/動詞) 皆可

-need a budget / have a budget

-learning how to budget

-Budgeting is simply balancing your expenses with your income.

-having a tighter budget

2.錢不是問題:money is no object

(類似用法distance is no object這兩種說法都代表你願意並且有能力不計代價金錢或是距離的限制,就是要做到買到得到某件事情)

3. 隨心所欲:You can do whatever you want

*You come and go as you please. (隨你高興)

There are no limits. (沒有任何限制)

4. 渡過一天:spend your day


If you didn't need to worry about money, what would you like to do?


If you were rich enough to do whatever you want, how would you spend the day?


What would I do if money were no object?


[延伸例句] It is one of the most weird yet tempting questions we can ask ourselves. (這正是那種我們會問自己的,很奇怪卻相當誘人的問題)

It means that I don't need to have an idea of my maximum budget in mind when I enter a store.

(這意謂著當我走進一家店,我不需要再去管我不能花超過多少錢了。) It means that I could buy whatever I want and do whatever I desire. (這意謂著我可以買任何我想買的東西,以及做任何我想做的事情。) Or does it? (事情真的就只是這樣而已嗎?)

[論點主張] I think the question itself is a trap because for me it's never about what money can buy but, instead, what money can't buy in the world. (我認為這個問題的本身是一個陷阱,因為對我來說,從來就不是金錢能買到什麼東西的問題,而是這個世界上什麼東西是用錢買不到的。) [舉例] What can bring us joy and peace is one of the aspects that the question reflects.(這個問題所反映出來的諸多面向之一就是,什麼才能帶給我們快樂與平靜。) More specifically, what should a day look like for us to say "I have no regrets."? (更確切的說,這一天要活成什麼樣子才能讓我們覺得,我沒有遺憾。)


As Ariel, the little mermaid in the 1989 Disney animated film, said "what would I give if I could live out of these waters? What would I pay to spend a day warm on the sand?" (就像1989年的迪士尼動畫小美人魚,Airel,她說:「如果能讓我離開海洋生活,我願意付出什麼代價?」「我願意拿什麼交換,如果能讓我躺在溫暖的沙灘上一天?」) Ariel desired to explore that shore up above and for that she gave everything. (Ariel 渴望去探索海岸上的一切,為了這個渴望,她付出了一切。)

[自己的那一天會如何+理由] For me, the day would be a simple but perfect day as usual. I would invite the people I love wholeheartedly, my family and friends, to have a great meal together. (對我來說,這一天會是極為簡單但是完美的一天,一如往常。我會邀請我很愛的人們,我的家人跟朋友,一起享用美好的食物。) I didn't mean that the only thing I desire is the quality time with the loved ones. (我的意思並不是說我唯一渴望的事情就是跟親愛的人度過美好的時光。) In fact, I have so many goals I aim to achieve but, the thing is, if we were only given a day, I would rather spend the day with my dear family. (其實,我有很多想要達成的目標,但是問題是,如果就只能有一天的時間,那我寧願留給我愛的家人。)


Do you think getting money is the most important thing in the world? (你覺得賺錢是這個世界上最重要的事情嗎?) Do you want to spend your life doing things you don't like only because of earning a living? (你想把你的ㄧ生的時間花在你不喜歡的事情上面,只是因為你需要賺錢養活自己嗎?)

Do you agree or disagree the following statement : We can’t live without money, like literally can’t live at all? (你同不同意以下論點:我們沒有錢根本不能活,完完全全不能活!) Have you ever said "When I have X, then I will be happy and satisfied"? (你曾經這樣說過嗎?當我有了X,那我就會快樂並且滿足?) If you have, what happened after you had X? (如果你曾經這樣過,當你真的擁有了X之後,發生了什麼事情呢?) Were you really happy and satisfied? (你真的快樂又滿足了嗎?) Do you agree or disagree the following statement: we should realize that we deserve to be truly happy in this moment, right now? (你同不同意以下論點:我們應該要知道,我們值得在此刻當下就感到真正的快樂。)



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