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💎The Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony is an enjoyable affair, with bulging muscles and beaming athletes proudly walking the Parade of Nations -- and into our hearts. 單字用法解釋 Beam有很多意思,這裡是微笑的意思,考試也考另外兩個意思(光束/支撐的樑柱) Bulge是鼓起的意思,這邊bulging muscles可以理解為壯碩/發達的肌肉。 Walk into our hearts: 看著運動員在電視螢幕上走進開幕式會場,他們的風采也走進觀眾的心裡啦!

💎The made-for-TV spectacle is an entry way for some viewers to learn more about countries and athletes that they are less familiar with. But in trying to bridge that knowledge gap, one South Korean broadcaster(廣播主持人) failed spectacularly, drawing from a bank of offensive stereotypes to depict several countries.


Bridge the gap 縮小差距

例句:Bridge the gap between rich and poor. 消除貧富差距。

💎When Haiti's(海地) athletes walked onto the stadium(場館), a caption(字幕) posted on screen by South Korea's MBC network read: "The political situation is fogged by the assassination(暗殺) of the president."


fog 名詞:霧 fog 動詞:(1) 噴灑。例句:~fog the barns with pesticide 用殺蟲劑噴灑農場。(2)讓事情更confusing,這裡的be fogged by 要理解成讓事情更愁雲慘霧或是陷入愁霧之中。

💎When Syrian athletes(敘利亞運動員) entered, MBC aired a caption that said: "Rich underground resources; a civil war that has been going on for 10 years."

And when Ukraine's athletes(烏克蘭運動員) entered the parade(遊行隊伍), MBC showed an image of the Chernobyl (車諾比) disaster -- the world's worst nuclear accident.(核災)


air 動詞:(電視)播出

💎When Italy walked on, the broadcaster pulled up an image of a pizza. For Norway, a salmon fillet(鮭魚排) was shown. An image of Dracula(德古拉) was used for Team Romania(羅馬尼亞).


pull something up:讓資訊顯示在螢幕上 fillet 肉排(無骨),chicken fillet 雞排 💎The broadcaster's gaffe led to a deluge of online criticism, with one South Korean Twitter user writing: "MBC wow, how would it be if South Korea was introduced as the country of Sewol ferry disaster(世越號船難)?" 單字用法解釋

Gaffe 失言,例句:What a gaffe!(看看他們都說了些什麼,根本完全失言!) a deluge of something:某事情像洪水般排山倒海而來。(deluge 洪水的意思)

💎"The images and captions are intended to make it easier for the viewers to understand the entering countries quickly during the opening ceremony," the statement said."However we admit that there was a lack of consideration(有失考慮) for the countries concerned and inspection was not thorough enough(失察). It is an inexcusable(不可寬恕的)mistake."The broadcaster also promised a full review of its editorial process, vowing no more Olympic blunders.





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